strong password

Create strong, best password and remember it

Creating strong password may be easy, but remembering it may be difficult. Short guide on how to create strong, best password and remember it.

Creating strong password

A strong password should at least contain:

  1. 8 characters
  2. Upper and lower cases
  3. Digit
  4. Symbol

Examples of strong passwords

  1. W17h@u7!
  2. M3@5ur3!
  3. Pa55w@rd!

Creating best password

Best password should be

  1. Easy to remember.
  2. Very difficulty for any one to guess.

Difference between strong password and best password

Strong password is normally needed by the system or application. Best password is needed by the user for easy remembrance.

How to remember password

The best way to remember password is to use a word or phrase that you will not forget. Such words are considered prune to attack. Reason is that we normally use our pet name, phone number, date of bird, wife or husband names.

Make your favorite word strong password

Substitution method

Change some characters from alphabets to digits or symbols.

Examples is to change:

  1. o to 0
  2. o to @
  3. t to 7
  4. t to /
  5. a to @

Pick an exchange that you will not forget.

Hackers can use brainwave signals to steal passwords

Addition method

Favorite words may not make 8 character length. You can easily add up some symbols to compliment it. Additional characters added should always be remembered.

Upper case position

Chose at what position will you write the upper case in your password. Any position will be fine. Remembering your position is very important. Password is case sensitive.

Analyzing password examples

Password W17h@u7!

Favorite word: without

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  1. i with 1
  2. t with 7
  3. o with @


  1. ! at the end of the word to make 8 character from seven character.

This word scored 97% strength and complexity very strong from this website.

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