Cell phone bugging

With so may cell phone bugging and spyware devices available. Cell phone bugging can be worrisome because stranger may be listening to your personal calls and conversations. Cell phone bugging can be done by implanting spy card or chip into the phone, downloading spyware or accessing account information for illegal purposes. There are several ways to protect your privacy and eliminate bugging from your phone.

4 ways to remove cell phone bugging

Step 1 to remove cell phone bugging

Cell phone should be taken to your provider. Provider of the cell phone service can change your SIM card and reprogram the phone to its original. SIM cards hold stored information such as phone logs, text messages, and emails. Since most phone bugging devices access information through the SIM card, replacing it will eliminate unwanted access to the cell phone.

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Step 2 to remove cell phone bugging

Do not allow anyone to have access to your phone. Cell phone bugging software can be downloaded to a phone in a matter of minutes. SIM cards can also be easily exchanged for cards that will allow calls to be listened in on. Simply leaving a phone unattended or loaning it out gives enough access for the phone to be tampered with. Make yourself the sole primary owner on your cell plan. Sharing a plan with others gives them access to your account and will allow them to download spyware to your phone.

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Remove the battery when the phone is not in use. Some cell phone spyware is able to convert a cell phone into a microphone and is able to pick up surrounding conversations. Once this software is downloaded onto a phone, everything in the vicinity of the phone can be heard even if the phone is turned off. Removing the battery from your phone will prevent this program from operating since the phone will not have a power source.

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Step 3 to remove cell phone bugging

Purchase a bug detector. Cell phone bug detectors can detect a variety of listening devices that may be interfering with your phone. Knowing the type of device that is monitoring your cell phone will help you eliminate its access. Bug detectors can be purchased at most spy stores and online at websites.

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Step 4 to remove cell phone bugging

Purchase a new cell phone with a new provider. Phone tapping devices need to have physical access to a cell phone or the account in order work. By purchasing a new phone, you are ensured that no tapping devices have been attached or downloaded to it. Signing up with a new provider will prevent your account from being tapped, because no previous account information will be linked to your new service. Preserve your privacy by not sharing your new account information with anyone.

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